Stand Tall!

Playing around with images…

Stand Tall

Word Study for Dancers: Confident


Borrowed the standtall image from the standtallevent, looks like a great organization!


Pirouette Imagery

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What Are You Saying?

What language are you speaking when you dance? What voice are you using?

Lovely Natane Frances:

Is it simple to understand? Is it clear and direct?

Anne Souder, Richard Calmes Photography:

What is your intention behind your movement? Do you mean what you say? Did you get your point across?

Alina Somova:

What are you really saying when you dance? Speak with your true voice!



Cambré is more than a stretch. As you create space in the vertebrae, as you expand through your chest and shoulders, you are finding a path to emotional expression through the use of your torso.


It is realizing that your whole body is breathing and moving, not just your arms and legs. You dance with your whole self.


In letting go, in focusing on your heart, the cambré will lead you to greater depth of expression through your port de bras and your dancing will come alive!


I Can’t Do That

Or… How to Be Inspired By Something You Can’t Do.

I can’t do this:

c jump

Never could. My back doesn’t bend this way. I never could jump that high. And besides, it’s freakin’ scary.


Holy crap! {said in the most admiring way}


The C jump is just so… gutsy… fearless…

So now, when you see something that is just so beyond your capability do you feel defeated? Like, waa-waa, I can’t do it , never will….. WOE.

I’m not gonna try and make you feel all better with some pat response. Not gonna say don’t worry someday you’ll get it, keep trying, don’t give up. Because maybe you will, but maybe you won’t. Because there ARE some things that you may never be able to do.

Did I just kill your dream? Please DREAM BIG. But I sort of like knowing that there is one thing that I know I’ll never do. Lol, of course there are LOTS of things I’ll never do, but the C jump for me is representative of all those things.

So I’m going to use the C jump as my inspirational touchstone and all around humbler. Oh yes, I am humbled and awed by anyone who can do such a jump. But I’m going to love dance all the more because I know there are people out there who can do such things. Just because I’m not one of them is ok, all I have to do is look at one of these amazing photos and I feel a surge of energy run through me and suddenly everything I try is better. A tendu. A glissade. A grand jeté. I even stand taller.

What is your ‘C jump’?!news

Like a Child

I can do that!
That’s easy!
Look at me!
I did it!
Can we do it again?