Lighten Up!



Time to take break from the oh-so-serious mood that can sometimes overtake a dancer! I thought about all the funny pics I could show you: easy, go-to images to make you smile:

Animals in Tutus
Babies in Tutus
Men in Tutus
All manner of goofy ballet and dance memes

But maybe, instead of the easy laugh, the take-away here is really the remembering of JOY. You remember why you dance in the first place, right? Isn’t it sort of to feel like this:


Oh I know what you’re thinking. Sure, THAT dancer can be happy and joyful, just look at her! That’s Marianela Nunez! When she leaps the angels sing, a thrill courses through all who see her, the sun and the moon and stars align and all is right with the world. I will NEVER leap that high, my leg is NEVER straight, and getting a split, much less an over-split, is NEVER going to happen.

Oh dear – Did you really just think up a sentence with three ‘nevers’ in it?


Girl jumps through water sprinkler.

Now that is arms-reaching-high, face-to-the-sun, pure JOY! I believe that if you remember this little girl, the one inside of you, that when you leap you will SOAR. And that will definitely make you smile!

Or…….. We could just go with this:


Wishing you life filled with JOYFUL dancing!

Up Days and Down

Not every day in the studio is your best day ever. That’s ok!

Oh that precious moment!
Photo by Paul Kolnik

….and other days not so much….

When your body sings!

….and you’re done…

Sometimes you have boundless energy in the studio as if you were Vicky in The Red Shoes…

…and other days you just don’t think you can do it…

Just keep on giving it your all, because the more you PAY…

The more you can SPEND…

Some credits (I try to credit when possible!):

Light Bulb Moment

If you take class with the work ethic, the passion, and the drive to improve, if you love, live, and breathe dance, then you have the heart of a TRUE dancer!

YOUR LIGHT BULB MOMENT: You are just as real, just as legitimate as a professional dancer, there is no difference!

Don’t get caught up in an end-result perspective. It’s the journey, yes? If you walk into the studio looking down because you will never be as good as a pro then you may as well walk right back out. Because you are missing the point. When you hit a move just right, it’s a thrill, right? Well, a pro feels the same way! THAT’S why they do it, and that is why YOU do it. You are kindred spirits, more alike than different.

When in class, get out of your head – No over-thinking, no comparing yourself, no adding unnecessary stress to your life. You need to be IN THE MOMENT in class – Enjoy the feeling of your body moving, get caught up in the beautiful music and embrace the challenge. I see way too many people using the ballet studio as a mini-lab for working out their problems of self-esteem instead of just letting go and giving themselves permission to enjoy what they are doing. I hope you can get to that place! Hugs~



With all you’ve got

Outside your comfort zone
Beyond your personal space
Towards another

Through the air
Over the moon
Up to heaven