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Like a Child

I can do that!
That’s easy!
Look at me!
I did it!
Can we do it again?



Talkin’ to Yourself

What do you say to yourself when you are in class?

We all know what the Negatives are and that we should ban these:
I can’t.
It’s too hard.
I never do it right.
I always do it wrong.
Blah, blah, blah, etc.

And we all know the Positives, they are our go-to’s:
You can do it!
Don’t give up!
You’ve got this!
Get it! Kill it!
Rah, rah, rah, etc.

But I was thinking that we could go beyond these simple encouragements, and adopt an internal dialogue that would accomplish more than a temporary prop-up.

I am capable of change.

I am able to move forward and am traveling towards my goals even when it appears that I am not.

This is not the end of the chapter, the book, the story.

(my fave)


Photo Credit: This dancer is Samantha Marcella

Light Bulb Moment

If you take class with the work ethic, the passion, and the drive to improve, if you love, live, and breathe dance, then you have the heart of a TRUE dancer!

YOUR LIGHT BULB MOMENT: You are just as real, just as legitimate as a professional dancer, there is no difference!

Don’t get caught up in an end-result perspective. It’s the journey, yes? If you walk into the studio looking down because you will never be as good as a pro then you may as well walk right back out. Because you are missing the point. When you hit a move just right, it’s a thrill, right? Well, a pro feels the same way! THAT’S why they do it, and that is why YOU do it. You are kindred spirits, more alike than different.

When in class, get out of your head – No over-thinking, no comparing yourself, no adding unnecessary stress to your life. You need to be IN THE MOMENT in class – Enjoy the feeling of your body moving, get caught up in the beautiful music and embrace the challenge. I see way too many people using the ballet studio as a mini-lab for working out their problems of self-esteem instead of just letting go and giving themselves permission to enjoy what they are doing. I hope you can get to that place! Hugs~




Your muscles will never be as loose as they are during a hot summer –  This is great stretching weather! Keep your stretching dynamic, that is to say moving and fluid.  Words to focus on:






Personal Best

The Olympics are in full-swing!

Take inspiration from the Olympic athletes this week

and work for a personal best in class. 🙂


Give Props to Props