On Giving

Oh I’m going in deep today! Today’s word study: GIVE
How can we apply the concept of GIVE to dancers with regard to performance?

First some questions to think about:
What exactly are you giving?
And who are you giving it to?

A quick read in a thesaurus reveals quite a few synonyms for GIVE that hint at holding back, hesitation, maybe even resentment:

Ante up
Fork over
Hand over
Part with
Pony up
Shell out

A dancer who is uncertain, not confident, SELF-ABSORBED, may be stingy in the giving of him/herself to an audience. What might you be holding close to your chest? What is it within that is distracting you from the opportunity at hand? The audience will know if you are not fully vested in the moment.

Some words for GIVE are rather cool and uncaring, revealing lack of emotional involvement. An audience can smell this lack a mile away:

Let have
Parcel out
Throw in

Let’s get to the crux of the matter.

Heap upon
Lavish upon

NOW we are getting somewhere! I love the idea that your performance does not belong to you, is not your own – because all art must be filtered through another. An observer’s personal point of view, experience, emotional state and objectives will interpret what she sees and make a determination of what it is and what it means. When you entrust another with your performance you have entered into a form of relationship with them.

So this is your GIFT to your audience: To freely allow them to take your performance and to transform it INTO THEIR OWN IDEA. You give it away and it is forever changed. It is not yours. It is not you. It is something altogether new.

If you understand that your performance is an act of loving, if you are willing to lavish upon another your joy of expression, then you will not hold back your true self, totally open and fully present. Now THAT is truly GIVING. Your performance will elevated, shining. And your audience will experience a moment they will never forget.

Will you allow this process to take place? Will you give?




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