Talkin’ to Yourself

What do you say to yourself when you are in class?

We all know what the Negatives are and that we should ban these:
I can’t.
It’s too hard.
I never do it right.
I always do it wrong.
Blah, blah, blah, etc.

And we all know the Positives, they are our go-to’s:
You can do it!
Don’t give up!
You’ve got this!
Get it! Kill it!
Rah, rah, rah, etc.

But I was thinking that we could go beyond these simple encouragements, and adopt an internal dialogue that would accomplish more than a temporary prop-up.

I am capable of change.

I am able to move forward and am traveling towards my goals even when it appears that I am not.

This is not the end of the chapter, the book, the story.

(my fave)


Photo Credit: This dancer is Samantha Marcella


4 thoughts on “Talkin’ to Yourself

  1. Thank you for the excellent words! Your mind will believe the words you say. Tell yourself the most beautiful, positive words you can think of. You will quickly believe it and live it out : )

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