Lighten Up!



Time to take break from the oh-so-serious mood that can sometimes overtake a dancer! I thought about all the funny pics I could show you: easy, go-to images to make you smile:

Animals in Tutus
Babies in Tutus
Men in Tutus
All manner of goofy ballet and dance memes

But maybe, instead of the easy laugh, the take-away here is really the remembering of JOY. You remember why you dance in the first place, right? Isn’t it sort of to feel like this:


Oh I know what you’re thinking. Sure, THAT dancer can be happy and joyful, just look at her! That’s Marianela Nunez! When she leaps the angels sing, a thrill courses through all who see her, the sun and the moon and stars align and all is right with the world. I will NEVER leap that high, my leg is NEVER straight, and getting a split, much less an over-split, is NEVER going to happen.

Oh dear – Did you really just think up a sentence with three ‘nevers’ in it?


Girl jumps through water sprinkler.

Now that is arms-reaching-high, face-to-the-sun, pure JOY! I believe that if you remember this little girl, the one inside of you, that when you leap you will SOAR. And that will definitely make you smile!

Or…….. We could just go with this:


Wishing you life filled with JOYFUL dancing!


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