From our recent recital, The Carnival of Imagination, this image is from Maskarad, a ballet I choreographed for my advanced class.


I was struck at how transformative wearing a mask was for my dancers! Just a bit of covering over the eyes and yet it helped them to disappear into new personalities, freeing them in ways that made their dancing better than ever!

You can use the imagery of a mask to aid you in your own dancing. Use a mental mask to hide anything that might hold you back: worries and fears, stage fright, shaky confidence.

Or, go deeper and experiment with a real mask while practicing in the studio. If you aren’t really sure of WHO you are as a dancer, then you might be surprised at what identity comes out as you dance behind a covering. I have seen very shy dancers become alive while wearing a mask and all sorts of interesting qualities come to the surface – coquettish, dramatic, diva. It’s fascinating!

Let the hidden things reveal the best parts of you and you will become larger than life and own the stage!

Photography by Karen Boening


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