A Study in Confidence

La Carmencita, famous Spanish dancer, 1889. Oil on canvas, 232 x 142 cm.
La Carmencita, famous Spanish dancer, 1889
Oil on canvas by John Singer Sargent

A quick look at ‘confidence’ in the thesaurus reveals much. Just reading and really pondering upon each of these words will help your confidence as a dancer.

aplomb, assurance

backbone, boldness, brashness

certainty, cool, courage,

daring, dash, determination


faith in oneself, fearlessness, firmness, fortitude


hardihood, heart

impudence, intrepidity

mettle, morale


pluck, poise, presumption

reliance, resoluteness, resolution

self-possession, self-reliance, spirit, spunk, sureness


There, now don’t you feel more confident?

Now go back to the top and take another look at the painting, note the dancer’s facial expression and body language. BE that dancer in your next class or performance. BE that dancer every day and your joy in dancing will soar!


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