The Conversation

There’s this feeling I have when I dance, it wells up from the inside and then out, pure JOY!

Audience Member:
That’s exciting!

When I am one with the music and my movement flows in sync with my heart I long to share my unique experience of the moment with you – May I?

Audience Member:
I am open and curious, ready to be changed by what you show me!

I fly, I cry, I reach out, I touch the sky. I sing, I take wing, I have never felt this way before – Have you?

Audience Member:
Yes I have, I have! I know exactly what you mean!

The dance is done and I am spent, having given my all, my insides. Thank you so much for allowing me to share this moment with you, I am honored.

Audience Member:
I was right there with you, feeling every move in my soul. Than YOU for sharing your heart with me.


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