Partners & Friends

Are you doing your part…

…to contribute to the positive, supportive environment of your dance class?

Do you encourage your fellow dancers when they struggle?

Do you celebrate with them when they succeed?

Or do you spend your time constantly comparing yourself to them and being jealous? Do you compete with them for space at the barre, the best place in the center, your teacher’s attention?

While there will always be a competitive aspect to dance, when you think about it, you realize that the other dancers in your class are people who have the same passion for dance as you do.  These are the very people, maybe the only ones, who understand you, the dancer.  Many times your friends and co-workers and even your family members don’t appreciate your love for dance and why you put so much time into it.

But your fellow dancers…. They understand.  

They understand your love of all things dance, how you feel when you dance, the joy of it.  They understand dance shoes and costumes, difficulties with pirouettes, the attention to detail, the simultaneous desire for and dread of corrections.  They are the only ones who could talk about pointe shoes and feet for hours…. just like you.

Other dancers are KINDRED SPIRITS

There will always be dancers who are better than you and those who are not as far along as you.  Learn to appreciate them all, consider them your team, your compatriots.  Oftentimes dancers spend so much time in the studio that they see their fellow dancers more than their own relatives.  This makes you a sort of  family – a dance family.  And just like any family, its members give you opportunities to practice the art of getting along with others, and a chance to be your better self.

Appreciate your fellow classmates, dancers just like you!

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