Life Force

This amazing artichoke agave plant is  down the street from my house and has recently started to bloom.  The stalk is EIGHT feet tall!  It is growing so quickly that you can measure an increase every day.  Each time I drive by it I am awed by its upward reaching strength.  This plant will only bloom once in its life and then will die after.  Knowing that it is giving its all to bring forth this visually stunning reminder of life makes watching it bloom a poignant experience.  What a beautiful moment, I feel privileged to witness it.

Can you imagine if when you danced you were able to give your all in such away that your own upward reach pushed through right into someone’s heart?  Never give anything less than your utmost energy in class or on the stage.  When you dance you are ALIVE and BLOOMING and you give your own poignant moment in time to the audience fortunate enough to witness YOU.

Image credit: <a href=’’>chromadecor / 123RF Stock Photo</a>


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