Becoming Another

In our contemporary ballet class I’ve been working with my students to prepare for one of their roles in the Spring Recital, that of TREES.

The process of learning to dance as non-humans has been a fun and fascinating process for all of us.  The students spontaneously decided that they each needed to have their own tree name, and so we have Daphne, Eden, Florence, Willow and Galadriel.

We have explored all manner of make-up and costume options, but the biggest concentration of effort has, of course, been in the study of  movement.  As they dig deeper, the students are making many discoveries and their dancing is transforming to new heights.

Consider ways you can use non-human movement in your everyday class.  Dancing like a tree or a cat or a mountain need not be reserved for a stage performance.  Experiment with imagery!  Not only is it quite freeing, but moving in new ways inspired by something completely new and different will serve to increase your body awareness, something every dancer aims to improve and will make you a better dancer.

So, in your next class, why not be a tree?

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Mask from faerywhere:



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