Keeping a Correction Notebook

Does your teacher correct you in class?  Does he or she comment on whether you have executed a step correctly or note that you have made an improvement?  Hopefully you are receiving constructive feedback in your classes.

Corrections are clues to better body awareness.  They give crucial insight into how you move.  Take time to thoughtfully consider each correction you receive.  Is it a new correction or one you have heard before?  Is the correction an easy fix or one that will take time to figure out?

As you aim to improve your dancing, why not make the most of your time in the studio and  keep a notebook to record your corrections and observations?  The act of writing out a correction and reading it aloud reinforces the proper movement.  When you review your corrections, pause on each one and visualize yourself executing the proper technique and try to feel it in your body.  Look over your entries as the weeks pass.  Do you see a pattern in your corrections? Are they related to each other?  Show your teacher your entries and ask for further input.

Do not look at your correction notebook as a list of all that you do wrong, but rather a record of your process, a journey towards improvement.  By taking an active role in in the process of increasing your body awareness, your dancing will improve by leaps and bounds!



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