Inspired not Defeated

Svetlana Zakharova – Photo by Marc Haegeman*

ALWAYS allow a beautiful dancer to inspire you.  NEVER compare yourself to an accomplished dancer and allow negative thoughts defeat you.  I have seen countless dancers pick themselves to pieces, body part by body part, wishing they had the feet of one dancer, the legs of another, different arms, hands, body shape, etc.  They descend into hopelessness as they believe they can never look like the ‘ideal’, never reach the height of ‘perfection’.

But even with the acknowledged physical ‘standards’ in ballet, if you are only looking with your eyes at a dancer, only noticing the body then you are missing the complete picture.  A dancers speaks with his or her body.  You should be listening and feeling as much as seeing.  Once you understand this you realize there is an open door in dance for each and every unique dancer to walk through and express herself.   Even if you are a beginner.  Even if you deviate from the ‘standard’.

Remember that the reason you dance is to allow yourself to speak with movement in your own personal way.  To show others what music looks and feels like to YOU.  You cannot dance your best when you are focused on yourself and your supposed shortcomings.  Find your voice, show others what you are discovering, and you will reach the hearts of your audience.  And they will be inspired by… YOU!



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