Look Around You

I am privileged to live in the high desert.

Open and stark, there is space here to be filled with movement.  It is a such an inspiring place for dance.

Where do you live?  Observe your surroundings: buildings and traffic, greenbelts and sidewalks, people and animals, mountains, sky and ocean, fields and valleys.  Turn of the list of to-do in your head, take some time to really LOOK.  What’s in front of you?  Above you?  Behind you?  Practice seeing yourself amidst the space you’re in.

What does this have to do with dance?  So much!  By improving your observation skills you can develop your awareness of space and location.  Think about how much this will help you on the dance floor as you move in space.

But even more than that, your studio sits on a specific spot on the Earth – and you are there keeping dance alive right there in that very spot – what an empowering observation that is!



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