Getting on Stage

The stage is a place of fear and awe, of excitement and dread, of hope and judgment, nerves and glory.  It can be a scary place indeed!  But if you are taking classes and staying within the safe walls of your studio with no intention of performing then you are missing out on a grand life experience.  Not only that, I would argue that your dance experience is incomplete.  Not because you must perform in order to be validated or to prove something but because giving a performance is just that – GIVING.  And it is only when you dance with the focus off of yourself, when you open up and reveal something about who you are that you accomplish the intended goal, which is to make a connection with others and to have communicated something beautiful.

You must work to earn the stage.  But what you do on the stage technically is not as important as what you share.  And on that level, the playing field is even for all dancers, from beginners to experts.

So if your teacher asks you about recital don’t automatically say no.  Think seriously about how much you can grow from the experience, how much more people will get to know the real you, the one who feels so much joy from dancing.  Think about it.  And then say YES.



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